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“Catch a ride, Catch a smile” with Maskology

Maskology, a local face mask brand, brings the cheering Ding Ding characters to life by launching 3 new designs for adults - the “HK Tram Green” Series, the “Ding Ding Gris” Series, the “Destination Panel” Series, and 1 new design for kids – the “Ding Ding Cat” Series. 


The “Ding Ding Gris” is inspired by the aluminium alloy bodywork of the seventh-generation tram, together with the visual timeline of tram model development embossed on the mask, a century-long development story is told non-verbally. By wearing these masks, one is believed to add vitality and cheers to the community.

Mask mockup HKTRAM03.png

“HK Tram Green” Series - 175mm (Adult)

Mask mockup PATTERN_V4_123.png

 “Ding Ding Cat” Series  - 123mm (Young Kids)、142mm (Kids)

Mask mockup HKTRAM_LGF.png

“Ding Ding Gris” Series - 175mm (Adult)

Mask mockup HKTRAM_SIGN_V5.png

“Destination Panel” Series - 175mm (Adult)

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