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 A Colorful Tribute to Hong Kong 
"HK Tram Green", a signature green shade inspired by the iconic HK Tram

 HK Tramways (“HKT”) is thrilled to announce their collaboration with Pantone Color Institute to create a new signature green shade that pays tribute to the HK Tram. Since the 1940’s, HKT has started furnishing the bodies of its self-built double-decker tram fleet with the dark green paint left in abundance at the wartimes. After a century of tramcar manufacturing with continuous innovations along the way, the famous green tone has become an icon of Hong Kong and secured its identity globally. 

Celebrating the announcement of the “HK Tram Green”, HKT will join hands with Home and Lifestyle Retailer ISSHO46 to launch the first “HK Collection” with six colors collected from elements of the city, ranging from HK Tram, landmarks to local cultural icons. The collection comprises of loungewear (t-shirt), cup and coaster set will be launched. 

According to Pantone Color Institute, this new green shade, “HK Tram Green” is a vivid and verdant deep grassy green that celebrates the heritage and cultural significance of HK Tramways and its unique distinction as a globally recognized iconic mobile landmark. 

“HK Tram Green” Color Key Words 

  • Sustainability – To continue its safety and social/environmental commitments that reach beyond the expectations of the 21st century passengers 

  • Innovative Mindset/ Open-mindedness – To exemplify the openness and welcoming spirit of the century-old mobile icon that echoes with Hong Kong people’s creative mindset 

  • Lively/ Refreshing/ Natural/ Fertile – To operate a naturally ventilated transportation with zero roadside emission that inspires relaxation, enabling us to reinvigorate, replenish, alleviate stress and calm the spirit 

  • Calming/ Comforting/ Balanced/ Harmonious – To bring a mindful journey with enlightenment that encourages connection with the community and cultivate our ties to others and the surrounding environment 


HK Collection

PANTONE HK Collection Tshirt Chest Print

loungewear (t-shirt)


cup and coaster set

Cyril Aubin
Managing Director,
HK Tramways

"I hope this new PANTONE Color can bring delight and inspiration to everyone in the city. We want to send out a message that your support to us counts for making the city proud.” 

Laurie Pressman


Pantone Color Institute

“We appreciated the opportunity to work with HK Tramways to create a color that could showcase the historical and cultural significance of the HK Tram within Hong Kong.


Leveraging the power of color in design to preserve and celebrate the history and heritage of Hong Kong’s rich social and cultural past whilst simultaneously communicating a vision for the future, “HK Tram Green” showcases this globally renowned first of its kind mobile landmark as a pleasurable mode of transport, one whose ability to bring all people together nourishes our sense of connection to others and creates a welcoming feeling of community. This unique green shade will be included into a collection of six colors specially selected from the PANTONE Color System.” 

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